Serbian & Greek Art Music - edited by Katy Romanou

Serbian & Greek Art Music - edited by Katy Romanou
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Autor: Katy Romanou
Opis: Čikago 2009, tvrdi povez, stanje kao novo, str. 214, ilustracije, engleski

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Serbian & Greek Art Music. The music of Serbia and Greece has long been a vital part of Balkan culture, but it has been excluded from the academic canon of Western music history. Katy Romanou corrects this oversight with Serbian and Greek Art Music, the first book in English on the subject. Written by seven renowned musicologists, the book stresses the interaction between music and politics and relates the efforts of local musicians to synchronize their musical environment with the West. Focusing on music education, musical culture, and creation, this timely volume will be of interest to musicologists and scholars of Balkan culture.